Your legacy IT helpdesk system and chatbot  lacks the capabilities of modern AI technology

  • Legacy chatbots cannot provide conversational support
  • Legacy chatbots can only handle one issue at any point in time
  • Traditional helpdesk requires users contacting helpdesk and logging tickets manually
  • Unhappy users due of slow response times
  • Resulting in missed deadlines, breached SLAs and higher IT costs
Core Features

IT Support solution that’s part AI, part human

KompiTech AI-powered IT helpdesk utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate and enhance various aspects of IT support and helpdesk operations while IT engineers can focus on second-level issues that require their expertise.

Powerful AI Helpdesk Agent.

KompiTech AI Helpdesk Agent can engage with your end-users in real-time, providing automated responses to common IT queries and offering self-service options. It can handle basic to complex support requests, gather information, and escalate issues to human agents when necessary.

Automated Tickets Routing with AI Algorithms.

When escalating issues, KompiTech AI algorithms can automatically analyze and categorize your end-users support queries based on their content, urgency, and other factors. Prioritize and route tickets to the appropriate teams or agents.

Automated AI-driven Incident Resolution.

KompiTech AI algorithms can analyze and correlate data from various sources, such as system logs and monitoring tools, to identify patterns and potential solutions for recurring incidents. Helping to automate the troubleshooting process and suggest resolutions to support agents.

New level of sophistication in end-user support.

The process of training KompiTech AI-Helpdesk with your organization internal data is called fine-tuning. This typically involves running multiple training iterations using the dataset while adjusting the model's parameters and hyperparameters.

We can deliver genuine AI-powered first-level support to your business by consolidating all internal IT documentation and user guides.

How it benifits your teams

  • Support users anywhere, anytime.

  • Boost productivity and efficiency.

  • Decrease service completion time by up to 50%.

  • Reduce manual ticket resolution.

  • Exceed end-customers and users expectation.

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