Modern IT support management comes with challenges such as:

  • Hybrid end-users work environment.
  • Managing vendors that support remote users.
  • Manual processes increasing operation costs.
  • Missed deadlines and breached SLAs.
  • Unhappy users due of slow response times.
  • Let's face it: modern Digital Workplace can't be managed with legacy ITSM systems. That's why we built KompiTech BLiTS IT support automation platform.

    It lets you automates your support services so that you can focus on what matters most: serving customers!

Core Features

Software that’s part human, part automation

KompiTech BLiTS is the complete customer IT service desk automation platform.
Powered by AI, it is designed to empower everyone on your team—from end-users, support agents, managers and owners.

Powerful Tickets management Automation

To meet today's support challenges, IT support service need to be more proactive and not reactive. BLiTS enable you to be proactive by automating the process from creating tickets up to resolution, and closure. Empower your service desk to take control when necessary..

IT Vendor Management Automation

Consolidate your vendors into a single portal and streamline your IT processes. Onboarding a vendor with few clicks through the invitation feature. Auto-assign task and instruction to your vendors once onboarded.

Service Agreements Digitalization

Digital transformation of service terms from hard copies into computer instructions codes that act as the guiderails with the service delivery team. Automates tickets priorities, SLAs, ticketing assignments.

Service Billing Automation

The Billing Management for IT customer provides clear visibility of suppliers cost in real-time and as it happens from your dashboard to control costs and avoid surprises.

Automation of Work Time Tracking

Allow your IT staff, sub-contractors and field service agents to record their work hours to each task or tickets. Enforce real-time hours reporting and eliminate inaccurate hours to save cost and avoid disputes. Record hours are saved for billing reports and service performance reviews.

Advanced Documentation Management

Enforce the proper documentation of resolution notes and detailed task performed on each ticket into a centralized knowledge base that gives your IT the ability to save the day without breaching SLAs.


How it benifits your teams

  • Support users anywhere, anytime.

  • Boost productivity and efficiency.

  • Decrease service completion time by up to 50%.

  • Reduce manual ticket resolution.

  • Exceed end-customers and users expectation

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