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Feeling overwhelmed tracking and managing SaaS Subscriptions?

You’re not alone. Most businesses today feel the same way; You cannot Manage SaaS on spreadsheets alone !!

That’s where BLiTS comes in.

We offer a centralized platform that provides you with modern SaaS management & Apps Automation, IT Service automation and an IT management system in an all-in-one platform.

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Is this how you are currently managing SaaS?

Are you managing your SaaS Subscriptions through spreadsheets?

  • Lacs Visibility for lapsed renewals, duplicative purchases, and Ever Changing Subscriptions.

  • Lack of ownership and compliance, and is prone to human errors.

  • Lacks Automation, workflows, license management, and portfolio optimization.

  • Lacks Spend optimization and creates SaaS wastage, and cannot do a real time audit of unused licenses and more.

Using a Complicated SaaS Management system?

  • Multiple tools are needed to implement SaaS management, IT Service management, and IT Service automation.

  • Too many/complex features.

  • Complex integration and workflows required between platforms.

  • Very expensive (some platforms start at $36K year).

How much is this costing your business?

  • Paying high monthly subscription for MULTIPLE Tools (SaaS management, IT Service, and ITSM).
    Discover which tool is eating your money in a unified BLiTS dashboard.

  • Upto 33% more SaaS spend due to duplicate and underutilized apps and overlapping functions.
    BLiTS can help you Control your spends by helping you eliminate overlaps.

  • Lack of App visibility by users and employees reducing app adoption and user engagement within your organizations may lead to up to 28% Spillage.
    You will be blown away by how BLiTS can detect and get rid of unused licenses- in short reduce SaaS Spillage.

  • Lack of control over complete SaaS buying process, including license management, Dynamic subscription management, Vendor management, Governance, and compliance.
    This is exactly why we built BLiST Platform - to help you control all of it within a single platform

A Better Way Forward:

SaaS Management with BLiTS

BLiTS Platform is a cost-effective all-in-one platform with a next generation SaaS management solution, modern IT Services, and an IT management system.

Managing IT was a pain point because I couldn't find the needed tools. Lists and spreadsheets are too static; therefore, I looked for something more dynamic. Keeping track of spending trends on usage-based tools is crucial for keeping costs down.

IT Ops Manager - Financial Company

Want us to Analyze your SaaS stack?

There s a better way to do it.

Our Core Features

Unassigned License:

• License analytics.
• Unassigned licenses discovery.
• Release of unassigned licenses.

SaaS Management:

• Contract Management.
• Onboarding and off boarding.
• Licenses overview report.

SaaS Administration:

• Single point auto-provisioning.
• Users auto-discovery.
• Integration.

Inactive Users:

• Users SaaS usage tracking.
• Inactive accounts analytics.
• Licenses di.

Benefits of BLiTS Platform

  • Complete SaaS Visibility & Getting Rid of Spreadsheets.

  • License Management Optimize SaaS Spend and portfolio optimization and take control of your renewals.

  • Increase Operational Turnaround and reducing procurement process with Workflows, Automation and Reduce IT Workload.

  • Increase User Engagement and adoption and Elevate the Employee Experience.

  • More Apps Visibility, Discovery and adoption within organization along with forecasting and benchmarking.

  • Proactive Governance and Compliance Ensure SaaS Compliance.

  • Automate user setup across multiple SaaS with a single click.

  • Eliminates of SaaS wastage with real time audit of unused licenses.


Professional Tier

  • Up to 1000 employees.

  • Up to 5 SaaS subscriptions.

  • 1 identity provider support.

$1 /user /month

Enterprise Tier

  • 1000+ employees.

  • 5+ SaaS subscriptions.

  • More than 1 identity provider.

  • Integration support.

  • Dedicated account manager.


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